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REO and Bank Owned Property Inspections

Vacant Homes are Inspected in AS-IS condition:

If the Gas is not turned on at the time of inspection, all gas operated utilities cannot be fully inspected.
If the water is not turned on at the time of inspection, all plumbing/fixtures cannot be fully inspected.
If pilot lights are not turned on and lit, Gas Utilities cannot be fully inspected.
Re-Inspection may be available for these items upon request.

Prior to scheduling your home inspection, you need to check on the following items with your Realtor or the listing agent.

1)  Has the plumbing system been professionally de-winterized & pressurized?
2)  Is the water turned on to all plumbing fixtures in the home?
3)  Is the gas turned on to the house?
4)  Is the HVAC/ Heating unit turned on and pilot lights lit?
5)  Is the water heater turned on and pilot light lit?
6)  Are all the necessary electrical breakers turned on at the electrical panel?
7)  Is there unobstructed access to the electrical panel?
8)  Is the A/C unit turned on? (Summer Only)
9)  Are there any locked areas/doors/garages?
10)  Is there clear access to the attic?

In order for a complete home Inspection to be performed,

All utilities must be turned on.
All additional gas appliances to be inspected, such as wall/ceiling
heaters, stoves and gas fireplaces should have their pilot Lights lit.
This will help insure a smoother inspection in a timely manner.

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